Equity research is fossilized and crypto research very limited. Across markets we've seen a lack of public access to quality data and actionable insights. Spawner works to fix this.

On the open finance side, Crypto and Web 3.0 will usher in a new era of financial access.

Gone are the days of walling off information.

Gone are the days of 2 and 20.

In are the days of empowerment and tearing down the walled garden of financial data.

To get to where we wanna be we need a full suite of tools and analytics to get fast and accurate data. Without this data our trades are uninformed.

Analogies to traditional markets...

Equity fundamental data --> Crypto network health data

Equity market making --> Automated market making

Equity technical analysis --> Crypto exchange aggregate TA 


These are two sides of the same coin. To decouple them is to disregard that assets should be managed in a cohesive and modern portfolio.

We're a data-empowered team that leverages our skills across Data Science to build a better experience for our users.

To that end, we are building a platform to empower the next wave of retail traders and funds with a suite of accessible data-driven tools that give better insights, run faster, and are more affordable.

Those are our 3 tenants: clearer insights, fast experiences with no bloat or unnecessary features, and pricing that is affordable. ($10 for our research reports and 10$ for our dashboards and internal tools)