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There has recently been a flag planted in the ground that shouts for the democratization of financial markets. At Spawner we believe the democratization of finance only starts at commission free trading. Market participants need access to ideas, knowledge, and tooling to start to really democratize finance. That's why we built Spawner to help market participants start to learn, test, build, deploy and maintain some of the ideas and strategies the sophisticated market participants employ on a daily basis.

Markets are only democratized when there's equal access to knowledge, data, infrastructure, tooling, and strategies. That level of democratization is unimaginable for the vast majority of traders and investors.

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At Spawner, we’re constantly on the lookout for passionate builders. We’re looking for contributors to help us take our ideas from start to finish. We expect early contributors to work part-time, either for equity or profit-sharing. You’ll manage a feature from start to finish while we take care of the high-level details. Send us an email if this sounds interesting.


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