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We believe strongly in empowering the modern retail trader.

To that end, we are building a platform to empower the modern retail trader with a suite of accessible data-driven tools that give better insights, run faster, and are more affordable.

Those are our 3 tenants: clearer insights, fast experiences with no bloat or unnecessary features, and pricing that is very affordable. ($10 for our early users, pushing towards $20 or $30 as we grow for the followers)

Here are some changelogs to keep track of our progress! 

📃 October 9th, 2020

Adding metrics - total return, max drawdown, sharpe ratio

🚀 October 5th, 2020

Cleaning up bugs and preparing for drop #1.

👁 October 4th, 2020

QA for Alpaca integration. Optimizing basic analytics and securing API(s).