Weekly updates on build progress, features, and changes

JULY 24, 2020

A better way to paper trade.

We can't be sure what the overall workflow of the trader is going to be on our platform until we've one more broad testing. But we can recommend workflows and do our best to craft the product in a way that the recommended workflow feels intuitive.

That said, paper trading is a massively important part of the workflow that we want to make perfect. Some tenants of paper trading that we worked on this week and really want to hit a home run on:

- Unlimited paper portfolios to trade and test - minimum UX issues and visual bugs in build, saving, monitoring and replicating.

- The same strategies and workflows in a live setting mimicked in a paper trading setting. It's actually an interesting challenge because of the implications of trading costs and other live differences. We're doing our best to simulate as close to possible and make sure features like baskets and automating are the same in paper as they act in live settings.

- Intuitive way to transfer the paper portfolio to live - we're still brainstorming this one. TBD.

Other Changes & Improvements

- Cleaned up login and register screens on smaller screens (better scaling).

- Finished Stripe portal integration for easier account management.

- Fixed bug in NLP bot where bot would shout a "Welcome back!" message every time the user clicked away.

- Removed individual buy/sell in favor of sliders.

- Separated rebalancing as a solo tab to remove clicks for a core action.

JULY 17, 2020

Giving love to the assistant.

The assistant is a core part of the platform that we expect to be high functioning at stable release and growing in capability over time.

An eventuality for the assistant (bot) is the capability to do nearly everything (and more) that is available in other parts of the platform. This means monitoring, executing, and maintaining all from the assistant, with fluid recommendations and personalization through natural language.

For now, the bot is considerably less functioning, with a few core functionalities, chief among that functionality data access. We want a broad range of data to be accessible through simple natural language. For example, I might very simple ask the assistant for the "revenue of Apple" and get back the annual revenue of Apple over the last few years...

We're planning to ship with the above feature set, though some additional items might sneak in. For now expect some of your favorite metrics, buy/sell, and some quick insights from core indicators.

JULY 10, 2020

Focusing on the core use-case

As we continue to build and test the product we frequently realize a better approach. This time around we realized some ways to add brevity to the UX. Namely...

- Removing the core concept of buy/sell —> move towards a pure allocation minded approach. Sliding holdings by percentage rather than shares or absolute size.

- Thinking of rebalancing as a core tab instead of a sub-tab (less clicks)

We spent a lot of time this week thinking about backtesting individual factors. We want users to be able to easily combine, test, and allocate different factors.

How can we create a user experience where the trader can identify market conditions that cause specific factors to under or outperform? I.e. does trend typically outperform in recession? Do commodities underperform in a bull market? Let's allow these questions to get answered quickly with clean visualizations and data access.

july 03, 2020

Logging our progress

Going forward we’re going to have a weekly update on our build progress, usually on Fridays. Some of our favorite products have changelogs that we love reading each week. We hope we can create a changelog that gives a clear look into our progress and where we’re headed.

Cleaning up portoflio displays and metrics

Building better alerts

Other improvements and changes

- Integrated the new Stripe customer portal for easier user account management
- Default to paper portfolio instead of live integration, only load integration once user selects that portfolio
- Performance improvements from making bot/assistant a separate service

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