The future of financial data.

The future of data is open. In the coming years all financial data will be publicly indexed, searchable, and monetizable on Web 3. We're helping to bring this future to reality.
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📈 Analytics Tools & Dashboards

A suite of tools and dashboards to guide your research.

🔎 Query for Data & Insights

Simple natural language queries to surface the data you need.

Powered by the NVIDIA Inception program.

Data & Integrations


Connecting us to GraphQL APIs for Ethereum and IPFS data sources.

Spawner Archive Node

Operating a full Ethereum node to get quick and accurate data.


Our trusted node provider and price oracle.

DeFi Pulse

DeFi analytics.

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Read more about our product and its inspiration.

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Our live build schedule for what we're working on.

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Company stuff


A bit about Luke and Santi.

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Insights every Tuesday through Friday on data and markets.

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