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1. Choose your path

Buy and sell around individual equities and ETFs, rebalance as you see fit, or pick from our pre-constructed portfolios. Test as much as you want before going live. 

Paper trade or connect live brokerage account(s)
Build unlimited portfolios and strategies
Backtest for a wide range of factors

2. Alternative approaches

Interested in alternative approaches but don’t know how to get started? Use our workflows to build custom portfolios around various factors and markets like the pros.

Select from various pre-built factors
Test as many combinations as you desire

3. Monitor & maintain

Stay on top of your portfolio’s performance and monitor exposure. Rebalance and maintain as you see fit. Get deep insights into your holdings and screen new ideas. 

Monitor exposure to various market conditions
Find deeper insights about your holdings
Screen for your next trading decision

A powerful AI chat assistant guides you every step of the way

Stream news, sentiment, and fundamentals. All you have to do is ask! Find the data you need without going off-platform for financial data.

Stuck on something?

Just ask our assistant and the AI will try and find you the answer.

Sentiment Status

Our assistant is constantly monitoring your holdings to help keep you informed. 


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  • Strategy Builder and Tester
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