El fin.

As of April 2021 the original Spawner vision for democratizing access to financial data has come to an end.

Thanks to our hundreds of community members, alpha testers, and friends who supported our vision. We built a lot of cool stuff and met a lot of great people, but ultimately it wasn't enough to get the traction we were looking for.

That said, we love trading and the overall direction of the retail trading space and will be open sourcing as much of our code as we can. The stars didn't align this time, but we'll be back, rest assured.

The remnants of our codebase live on in Luke, Santi, and various users' trading systems. If there's a tool or piece of an old API you want access to, feel free to send us an
email - happy to spin up a private server on request.

You can follow
Luke and Santi to keep up with what we build next.