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Our investing products work by connecting to your favorite brokerage, analyzing your trading data, and giving you stats and recommendations to help you trade more efficiently.

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📈 Portfolio Analytics (Coming Soon)

Metrics to help you build a better portfolio. See where your portfolio is on or off track.

🔎 Action Recommendations (Coming Soon)

Recommended actions to rebalance, adjust, reduce risk, and add alpha to your portfolio.

🤖 AI Assistant & Bots (Coming Soon)

Your personal trading assistant and Discord bots. Powered by our membership and friends at NVIDIA Inception.



Stock trading API for building trading systems and apps.

TD Ameritrade

One of the largest brokerages, with plenty of assets and clients.

Interactive Brokers (Soon)

Largest brokerage by # of daily average revenue trades.

Build notes

Changelog #2 - 10.5.2020

Cleaning up bugs and preparing for drop #1.

Changelog #1 - 10.4.2020

QA for Alpaca integration. Optimizing basic analytics and securing API(s).

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A bit about Luke and Santi.

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Ramblings on trading & investing.

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